Pefkohori Halkidiki, Old square, Greece
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Discovering Pefkohori's Delights

About pefkohori halkidiki

Discover the Serenity and Natural Beauty of Pefkohori

Pefkohori is a charming coastal village located in the peninsula of Halkidiki, Greece. Known for its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, Pefkohori offers a picturesque landscape and a serene environment for visitors seeking relaxation and tranquility. The village is surrounded by lush green forests and has a plethora of local restaurants, taverns, and shops that offer traditional Greek cuisine and souvenirs. Visitors can also explore the nearby historical sites and landmarks such as the ancient city of Mendi and the Byzantine Tower of St. Paul. With its natural beauty and cultural significance, Pefkohori is an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Greece.